4 Things You Need to Know about Social Customer Service

Join Jay Baer for this webinar and learn everything you NEED to know about social care - in only 9 minutes. 

March 9 at 10am PT 1pm ET

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Social Customer Service is the Solution Your Customers are Asking For.

It may come to no surprise that your customers have shifted from reaching out on traditonal channels to now looking to you to provide full resolution on ANY channel. Studies show that 65% of customers prefer to reach out to brands on digital channels rather than on the phone. In this webinine, Jay Baer speaks to why this is important to you and what you can do to meet your customers where they're at. 

In 9 minutes you will learn:

  • Who owns social customer service; marketing or customer service?
  • Why invest in social customer service and how to talk about it internally
  • How to start building a rockstar care team
  • The importance of choosing the right techonology to meet the needs of social care teams



Jay Baer

Jay is a New York Times and Amazon best-selling author and CEO of Convince & Convert and a leader in the marketing and customer service space. 

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