The Social Customer Service Academy

Refining Your Social Care Strategy and Policies


Who Should Enroll in This On-Demand Course?

If you already have a social customer service team and are looking for ways to scale, then this is the course for you. If you don’t have a well defined digital care strategy YET, but are looking to learn how to build it, then this the course is also for you.

Regardless of where you are in your social care journey, this 30 min. virtual course will provide you with actionable takeaways and real world examples to set up your process, teams, and strategy to meet your customer service goals.

Sign up and learn:

  • How and why your social processes lay the foundation for adapting to a digital messaging future
  • Steps you can take immediately to improve your social strategy in hours
  • What it takes to securely and confidently resolve customer issues on social channels
  • How brands like Zappos, JetBlue, Discover and more have set up their social care process, teams and strategies

Meet Your Instructors


Krysta Gahagen

Krysta is a social customer service thought leader and enthusiast. She is passionate about changing the ways in which companies engage with their customers and has worked with social care leaders at brands including Uber, Delta, Netflix, T-Mobile (just to name a few).


Julia Burnett

Julia helps enterprise brands across an array of industries (including Retail, Airline, Telco, Financial Services and Hospitality) set up their social care strategies and process. She has an extensive background in education and customer service.

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